Antique materials

Solid pine floorboards

Pine floorboards cut from old beams – manufactured in the interlocking system and ready for floor laying.

Parameters :

  • Length: 3,00 m – 5,50 m mix ,
  • Width : 17 – 21 cm mix ,
  • Thickness : 32 mm
  • The board are suitable for laying raw (without impregnation) , for waxing, oiling, varnishing
  • The wood is not preserved chemically

If you are considering renovating or upgrading your flooring, choosing reclaimed pine floorboards can be a fantastic option for both aesthetics and sustainability. Reclaimed pine refers to wood that has been salvaged from old structures and repurposed into beautiful flooring options. By opting for reclaimed pine flooring, you not only contribute to the preservation of our natural resources but also add a unique charm to your space. The timeless beauty and character of reclaimed pine boards are unmatched, and they can instantly bring warmth and elegance to any room.

Additionally, using reclaimed pine floor can be a cost-effective choice as it tends to be more affordable compared to new wood flooring options. The durability and longevity of reclaimed pine floor are also worth considering. These boards have stood the test of time, proving their strength and resilience. Moreover, with a proper installation and regular maintenance, they can last for generations. Overall, choosing reclaimed pine floor for your home or business is not only a prudent investment but also a responsible choice that showcases your commitment to sustainability and quality. 



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