Antique materials

Reclaimed oak floorboards


Material reclaimed from old buildings.


 For laying as an old floor, decorative elements and interior decoration, wall and soffits covering, for furniture production

Reclaimed oak floorboards are the perfect option for anyone who desires a rustic and authentic feel to their floors. These old oak floorboards have been reclaimed from old buildings and structures, often with centuries of history embedded within them. The charm of reclaimed oak lies in its unique character and patina, which cannot be replicated by new wood. These oak floorboards are perfect for those who are environmentally conscious, as they are a great way to reuse existing wood instead of sourcing new materials. Additionally, reclaimed oak floorboards are extremely durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent investment for any homeowner. The natural strength of oak makes it a great choice for high traffic areas, as it can withstand heavy use over many years. Available in a range of different finishes and textures, reclaimed oak floorboards can be used to create a truly bespoke flooring solution that is both beautiful and practical. So, bring a touch of history and character to your home with reclaimed oak floorboards.


Dimensions Wood age

Length: 160 – 220 cm

Width : 22 – 40 cm

Thickness : 40 – 60 mm

150 – 300 years

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