Antique materials

Reclaimed roof tiles

Old beaver tail roof tiles – manually formed, with the dimensions of:


  • 370-390 mm ( 14.57 – 15.35 inches )
  • width 155 – 170 mm ( 6.10 – 6.69 inches )
  • thickness 15 – 25mm ( 0.59 – 0.98 inch )

Manufactured in the 18th – 19th centuries.


What is the process of recovering reclaimed roof tiles ?


Recovering reclaimed roof tiles involves several steps. Firstly, old and discarded roofing materials, such as clay roof tiles, roof slates, or other second-hand roof tiles are sourced. Next, the tiles are assessed for damage and sorted according to their condition. Any damaged tiles are set aside for repair or recycling while the good ones are cleaned, removing any debris, mortar, or cement. Once cleaned, the roof tiles are stacked and prepared for resale. Some sellers sort the tiles according to size, shape, and color to make it easier for buyers to find the tiles they need for their replacement or renovation projects.

These reclaimed tiles are often sought after for their distinct, weathered look that adds character and charm to a property. Additionally, reclaimed tiles are an eco-friendly option that promotes sustainability by reducing waste and carbon footprint. The process of recovering reclaimed roof tiles ensures that these functional and aesthetically pleasing materials are preserved for future use, reducing the burden on landfills and the need for new roof tile production. By choosing reclaimed roof tiles, homeowners can achieve both a beautiful and environmentally responsible option for their roofing needs. 


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