Antique materials

Reclaimed bricks


Old post-German bricks formed by hand . Manufactured manually of the 18th century

Color : various shades of red with natural tarnishes and patina developed with passing time.

Parameters – brick dimensions:

Size 1

  • Length: 255 – 265 mm , 10.04 – 10.43 inches
  • Width : 125 – 130 mm , 4.92 – 5.12 inches
  • Thickness : 60 – 65 mm , 2.36 – 2.56 inches

Size 2

  • Length: 280 – 300 mm , 11.02 – 11.81 inches
  • Width : 135-150 mm , 5.31 – 5.91 inches
  • Thickness : 70-80 mm , 2.76 – 3.15 inches

Brick cleaned mechanically of mortar, or pressure-washed at the customer’s request (without chemical additives)


Old bricks are a unique building material that has been used for centuries. Made of clay and other natural materials, old bricks exude an aura of historic charm and durability. The weathering and fading of the bricks’ surface give them character and tell a story of their own. Once a symbol of status, old bricks now bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia to any space. They have a pleasingly irregular shape, imbuing any building with a sense of authenticity and age. Old brick buildings often embody the architectural style of a particular era, providing a glimpse of the past for the observer. Despite their lasting design, old bricks are not always easy to find and may require extensive restoration. Due to their fragility, the conservation process requires expertise and care. Nevertheless, for those who value the unique texture and character of old bricks, there is no substitute for their time-honored splendor.


Bricks size and dimensions in UK


In the United Kingdom, bricks are commonly used in construction. The standard brick size in the UK follows certain dimensions. The most common brick size is known as the “metric” or “engineering” brick, which measures approximately 215 mm in length, 102.5 mm in width, and 65 mm in height.

Another commonly used brick size is the “imperial” or “London” brick, which measures approximately 225 mm in length, 110 mm in width, and 75 mm in height. It’s important to note that there may be variations in brick dimensions depending on the specific manufacturer or region. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check with local suppliers or refer to building regulations for accurate and up-to-date information on brick dimensions in the UK.


Length Width Height
Metric 215 mm 102,5 mm 65 mm
Imperial 225 mm 110 mm 75 mm




Antique english bricks


Antique bricks are highly sought after by homeowners, interior designers, and architects for their timeless aesthetic appeal. These bricks were predominantly produced in the 18th and 19th century and were widely used in the construction of historic buildings throughout the world. What sets antique bricks apart from modern bricks is their unique character, which often includes irregular shapes, colors, and textures that cannot be replicated. The use of antique bricks in interior decor or outdoor projects brings a sense of history and tradition to any space, making it stand out from the rest.

The weathered appearance of antique bricks adds a sense of authenticity and rustic charm that cannot be matched by new, factory-made bricks. The durability of antique bricks is also a perennial feature; over the years, antique bricks have proven their longevity, which is why they remain popular today. Despite their age, antique bricks remain an excellent construction material for both residential and commercial applications.


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