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Are you looking to add a touch of nostalgia and character to your home or office? Then look no further than antique metal parts. These old metal things, such as old windows, old nails and screws, and old hinges, have a story to tell. Reclaimed metal parts not only serve the purpose of functionality, but they also bring a unique charm that cannot be replicated by modern alternatives. Old windows can be repurposed into stunning wall decor or used as architectural elements in your garden.

The rustic and weathered look of old nails and screws can add an authentic touch to your furniture or artwork. And old hinges can bring a sense of history and elegance to your doors and cabinets. By choosing to buy these old metal things, you are not only embracing sustainability and reducing waste but also preserving a piece of history. Each piece holds memories and has witnessed the passage of time. So, the next time you are in need of metal parts, consider opting for antique or reclaimed ones. Give your space a touch of vintage charm and be a part of a movement that values the beauty and significance of the past. 

bog oak floorboards

Old cast iron windows and special items

oak floorboards

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  • Bog oak floorboards
  • Oak floorboards
  • Oak cladding planks



  • Old brick
  • Floor tiles from cut bricks
  • Old roof tile



  • Old hand-wrought nails and bolts
  • Old hand-wrought hinges
  • Old cast iron windows and special items


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